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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Importation in Andorra

We answer your questions about the import process, costs, transport, services, and warranties when importing cars to Andorra with importocotxe.ad.

1. Car Importation in Andorra

How does the car importation process in Andorra work?

The import process is long and includes all steps from finding the car, reserving, purchasing, transporting, and subsequent entry into Andorra, homologation, registration, and delivery. If you want more information about it, you can check our dedicated blog post: https://www.importocotxe.ad/articles/como-importar-un-coche-a-andorra-en-2023.

What type of inspections are carried out on imported cars?

There are three inspections. The first is a vehicle history check to ensure everything is in order and there are no discrepancies. The second is a visual and handling inspection to verify the vehicle's good condition, and the last is the inspection carried out at the ITV. All imported cars must pass the ITV first, where it is confirmed that everything is in order and the car is safe and compliant with all legal standards for Andorra.

What documents are needed for the importation?

You will need the vehicle's purchase invoice, the circulation papers from the country of origin, and a homologation document, either the COC or the result of an individual homologation. Additionally, it's important to note that to import the car, it must not be older than 6 years.

What happens if a document is missing?

If a document is missing, the car cannot be registered in Andorra, rendering the importation pointless. At Importocotxe, we verify all this before importing the vehicle.

How can I check the car's history?

This can be done through various methods, the most accessible being using a website called Carfax. By providing the VIN, you can access a report with the history.

What types of cars cannot be imported to Andorra?

Cars older than 6 years that cannot be considered classics and all cars whose homologation is not equivalent to the European one cannot be imported.

What happens if the car does not pass the inspection?

If it does not pass the initial inspections, it is recommended not to buy the car. In the case of the ITV, the deficiencies found will need to be corrected.

What are the costs associated with the importation?

The costs include the car itself, a 4.5% IGI, the corresponding customs duty if the car is bought in countries that require it, the transport of the car, and approximately €650 for costs related to freight forwarding, ITV, registration, annual tax, and license plates. Bank charges for making the purchase transfer should also not be forgotten.

If I am not from Andorra, can I import a car with you?

No, sorry but we can only import cars for residents in Andorra or Andorran companies. If you are not Andorran, I recommend you find an importer in your country. In the case of Spain, we recommend the services of importyourcar.es.

2. Costs and Payment Options with Importocotxe

What are the costs associated with Importocotxe?

At Importocotxe, we charge a fee of 5% of the car's value. With this, we handle everything related to the importation, act as sellers and thus assume the risk of the purchase in Germany, provide after-sales service, and also handle paying the VAT at origin and the procedures for recovering it.

Are there any unexpected additional charges?

No, the price we offer you is the final price. If there are surprises, we will cover them. You just need to take into account that you will need to contract insurance for the car.

What is the preferred payment method?

Payments are made by bank transfer in two steps. A first payment of approximately €3,000 to reserve the car at origin and prevent it from being sold to others. A second payment, once the reservation is made and within a maximum period of about 2 weeks, for the remaining total.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can request financing from a bank to pay for the car in installments. We can provide a proforma invoice for you to present to the bank and have them study the financing.

What are the terms and conditions of the financing?

In this case, each bank has different offers that change. Since we do not offer it ourselves, we cannot indicate it, but it is true that financing through a bank is usually more competitive in price than what can be obtained through consumer finance companies.

Do you offer discounts for multiple imports?

Yes, if you want to import more than one car at a time, let us know and we can slightly adjust the price of our fees.

3. Transport and Delivery

How is the car transport handled?

Generally, cars are transported by car carrier truck from the country of origin to La Jonquera (France-Spain border). There, we collect the car and transport it individually by trailer or driving to Andorra. We do it this way because it is the fastest and most economical method. It is difficult to get a truck to come to Andorra, but it is easy to find those that pass through La Jonquera.

Can I track my car's shipment?

We do not have a tracking system, but once you have bought the car, you can contact us for updates on the import status. However, since the car is loaded onto a truck carrying 9 other cars, it is easy for the expected dates to change. So, do not be surprised if we indicate a loading date and change it several times. However, when we indicate these approximately 3 weeks for the total import process, this already includes leeway for possible delays with the trucks.

How long does the import process take to complete?

The import process takes about three weeks from the time we receive the full payment for the vehicle. At the beginning of the process, it is slow and progresses little by little since the dealer at origin has to prepare the vehicle for export and then organize the collection. But once the car is collected by the truck, the process moves quickly and usually finishes in about 5-7 business days.

Can you deliver the car directly to my home?

Yes, we deliver to the specified point in Andorra.

Do you offer temporary storage services?

Yes, if we have started the importation and you know you will not be available for some time to collect the vehicle, just let us know and we will store it until you arrive.

What happens if the car is damaged during transport?

Transport is insured and any incident will be repaired or the money for the car will be refunded.

Are there express delivery options?

If you urgently need the car in less than the established time, please let us know before we formalize the purchase contract. We can consider options to speed up the process and even offer faster options. However, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date as it is a process involving many parties. We cannot be responsible for any costs incurred by not having the vehicle during the import process.

4. Customer Services and Support

Can I get a quote before starting the process?

Yes, before starting the importation, you will have a binding quote signed by contract. If there are unexpected additional costs, we will cover them at importocotxe.ad. In fact, the car prices are already displayed on the website and they will never be higher than the advertised price.

Can you help me find a specific car?

Yes, you can tell us how you want it, and we will help you find that specific car you are looking for. The more detailed the description of the car, the better the results we will show you.

What brands and models do you have available?

We can import all kinds of brands and models. Even models with limited stock or that have not yet been released on the Andorran market. On the website, there is a search engine where most brands and models with a maximum age of 6 years appear. If you are looking for one that does not appear, contact us and request it.

Can I request customized features for the car?

Yes, exactly. If you are looking for specific features, let us know so we can help you find options.

Do you have electric vehicles available?

Yes, we can offer electric vehicles without a problem. In this case, it is true that they must be models sold in Europe. On some websites, it is stated that electric models only pay 1% IGI in Andorra, which is false. As of 2024, electric cars in Andorra pay 4.5% IGI like other vehicles.

Can I see the car before buying it?

Since the car is in Germany, visiting the car is complicated. There is no problem if you want to see it, but we understand that it is not convenient. We will always send you photos of the vehicle, as well as a complete list of the car's equipment, and we guarantee that the car will arrive as shown in these materials. If it does not, we will be obliged to either fix it or refund your money.

What contact methods are available for urgent inquiries?

For urgent inquiries, the best method is to call us. Our phone number is +376 666 488. We also respond via WhatsApp and email, but the fastest way is the phone.

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact us by phone, WhatsApp, or email.

Can I schedule an appointment for a consultation?

Yes, if you want to meet with us, there is no problem. We schedule an appointment and meet.

Do you have assistance in other languages?

We can assist you in Catalan, Spanish, French, and English.

What sets Importocotxe.ad apart from other car import companies?

Our main difference is our 100% focus on importation. We do not sell cars in stock and therefore have no interest in making you buy a specific car. Additionally, by dedicating ourselves 100% to importation, we have developed various systems to do it as best as possible. From our web platform where you see all available cars knowing the final price automatically, to our hybrid transport system and home delivery of vehicles, we make the importation process as fast and simple as possible.

Can I visit your offices to get more information?

We do not have public-facing offices because in many cases we are not present as we spend much of our time transporting cars, handling importation, or making deliveries. If you want to meet, there is no problem as we can arrange appointments and meet.

In what condition are the cars delivered?

Cars are delivered with a basic cleaning done before delivery. You can expect to find a clean interior and an exterior in good shape for greater enjoyment upon receiving the car. However, most of the cars we import are used vehicles and as such may have small marks of use or wear consistent with their age and mileage. At importocotxe.ad, we are always open to discussing these with you and assessing whether they are significant enough to cover their repair or not, but you cannot demand that a used car be in the same condition as a new one. Similarly, if the client wants to receive the car with a complete detailing cleaning, it can be indicated when formalizing the contract to include it in the price.

5. Security, Warranties, and Returns

Do I need insurance before the car arrives?

Yes, to register the car in Andorra, we will need you to have the insurance already contracted. Andorran insurers are accustomed to the importation process and can insure a car while it is still on the way. If you want any recommendations for insuring your vehicle, ask us and we will help you.

What type of warranties do you offer for imported cars?

Once the car is delivered, and since we sell it to you, we give you a one-year legal warranty covering the costs of the corresponding repairs.

How do you handle complaints and claims?

For after-sales service, you will continue to talk to us and not be attended to by third parties, ensuring the same treatment as before the sale. We will listen to all complaints and claims and take care of everything that is our responsibility.

Can I return the car if it does not meet my expectations?

If the car does not have the features specified in the contract and this cannot be rectified, you will be able to return the car and we will refund your money.

Is it possible to cancel the import process once it has started?

Generally not, once the process has started it cannot be canceled. If necessary, you can always let us know and we can try, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible.

What happens if the car does not comply with Andorran regulations?

If a car does not comply with the regulations, it cannot be registered. Obviously, in the hypothetical case that we imported this car, we would refund all the money.

What detailed information do you provide about the car before purchase?

We like to send information about the vehicle's equipment, information about the condition of wear parts (brakes, tires...), we indicate the date and mileage of the next scheduled maintenance service, and we send photographs for proper visualization of the car.

What factors can delay the car's delivery time?

In an importation process, there are many factors that can delay the car's delivery time, the most common being a late delivery by the dealer and delays in truck transport. However, the 3-week period already allows for some delay. It extends beyond this when several delays add up.